Well let me see, I am trying to think of what you want to know about us, mmmm we wish we were all good looking young blokes, but alas we are not that young (young at heart though!). My name is Ray and I am one of the parts online team. I have been in the garage door game for about 34 years. When we set up the website and the parts online company we looked at how we wanted to shop online, and how we wanted to be able to call someone who knew what they were talking about, not a call centre somewhere overseas! It had to have that personal touch!

Then there's Abdul he thinks he's the good looking one!! (he is one of the younger team members at 34 years young) Abdul has been in the game for 17 years, he has and still does make, install and service all types of doors and motors.

Jay (Jason) slightly older and slightly and more experienced, he also looks after our Instagram and Facebook pages (well his better half Mel does!!)

Looking after the factory and all our stock is Abe, no matter what you want to know about parts he can help!! 

With more than 50 years combined experience, Garage Door Parts Online is a wholly Australian owned and operated company. We pride ourselves on our prompt, reliable, professional service. This is a professional garage door parts company, managed by garage door experts.

We have a wide variety of parts which include the following

  • Tilt door locks, Tilt door extra secure locks, tilt door hinges / tilt door fittings, tilt door springs, tilt door motors
  • Sectional door locks, sectional door hinges, sectional door wheels, sectional door springs, sectional door motors
  • Roller door locks, roller door brackets, roller door guides, roller door locking bars, roller door motors
  • Roller shutter brackets, roller shutter locks, roller shutter motors
  • Garage door motors, garage door motor sprockets, garage door motor photo electric beams (safety beams)
  • Garage door accessories, garage door remote controls